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202 Wellness Centre Rooms

Rooms are available for practitioners to hire on a permanent or casual basis


There are 3 rooms available for hire within 202 Wellness Centre

There are 2 consultation rooms, and a group room.

With each room rental, you are able to utilise the waiting room and facilities in the waiting room. Each consultation room is fully furnished and has its own air conditioner.

Consultation rooms are each furnished with a desk, desk chair, and two singular lounge chairs.

The group room us suitable for a capacity of up to 16 people - it has mediation stools, meditation pillows, and a projector and whiteboard available for use.

Consultation Room One

Consultation Room Two

Group Room

Branch Shadow

Room Prices

Casual bookings:

1 hour room hire: $30 + GST

Full day booking: 8AM - 6PM: $130 + GST

Book a Room Today

Contact Nick directly to book a room at 202 Wellness Centre.

0413 970 772

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